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Over 50 body image

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If we are to be brutally honest, few of us get to this place without having some bit of trepidation about our post 50 body image – not only how we look, but how our bodies feel and perform. Even the most fit 50+ woman or man you see is experiencing the relentless effects of aging. It’s inevitable. Whether it’s cellulite, wrinkles, or your boobs entering a new ZIP Code, it’s life and a natural progression.

Again, let’s be honest… Those 50, 60 and 70-year-old women we see in magazines who are stunning and look like their high school yearbook photo probably have the means and opportunity to:

a) spend all their time and attention on their bodies

b) have enough money to hire a personal trainer or get it nipped, tucked or rolled out whenever necessary, and

c) maintain the desire and drive to do so

Yes, Christie Brinkley is absolutely beautiful, but don’t fool yourself for a minute thinking it doesn’t take every minute of every day of her life to stay that way along with a budget that most of us can’t even grasp. So how to maintain a positive and healthy post-50 body image among all the phony baloney?

  • First, be healthy! Smoking is the kiss of death for youthful skin. Sitting behind a desk too much can be the harbinger of a sedentary lifestyle that leads to listlessness, weight loss, etc. Keep moving…and think about some strength training. It’s the perfect exercise for the post-50 body and mind!
  • <Embrace your strengths. Instead of focusing just on how your body looks, focus on what your body can do! Women like Susan Sarandon who are not the stick-thin model type, but are considered to be attractive, healthy and, yes, sexy. Are you “the girl with the hair”? Athletic in build? Got the legs of a 30-year old? Able to swim like a fish or hit the speed bag like a pro? Work it.
  • Leverage your intellect. You’re a brilliant human being with a wealth of unique experiences that are truly priceless. Tap that.
  • Get outside of yourself…remember, your body includes your mind, heart and soul. Keep your eyes open in your community. There’s likely someone whose confidence is waning because things aren’t working out. Volunteer, be a role model, share your experience with others.

Our bodies age. It’s that simple. It doesn’t mean you have to roll over and “let yourself go”. If you want to get work done, by all means do it! But don’t agonize over the fact that you’ve made it this far. Every single wrinkle, every little change that we think of as imperfections are all proof of life. Enjoy what you have…the beauty is already there.

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