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Last night we attended Rachel Ray’s annual cooking show in Lake George NY. Ray is an Upstate NY gal, with deep roots in the Adirondacks. I have to admit that I have never been a huge fan of hers, primarily just because I just don’t watch that much TV and hardly ever pay attention to talk shows. When my husband came home with tickets to her show, I was underwhelmed but willing to give it a go, primarily because one of my granddaughters has culinary inclinations.

Have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The show was good, she cooked and shared stories, gave the audience time to ask her questions and was engaging throughout. But it was at the very end where I glimpsed why she is as successful and beloved as she is. She spent so much time thanking and greeting the people who came to see her, signing books for hours, chatting and posing for photos with anyone who wanted one, and never one time lost that smile or fun and gracious demeanor for which she is so famous.

Her generosity runs to using local people to cook for her, as well as using local products in preparing her food, like Uncle Pat’s Adirondack Wildflower Honey (one of my clients…yay!!!) and many more.

Well done, maybe I will tune in to see her show after all!

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