For Women Over 50 Choosing an Exercise Program: Focus Matters!

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For women over 50, choosing an exercise program can be challenging and confusing. We all know that flexibility is important, along with cardio and most definitely strengthening exercises for healthy bones. But alas, many of us baby boomer gals are still working every day, and sitting at a computer 8 – 12 hours a day can be deadly. But time is of the essence, so if we can squeeze something in…

Recently I did an interview with Elisabeth Halfpapp, founder of Core Fusion and . I was first introduced to Core Fusion by author and producer Tracey Jackson, who shared her commitment to the program in her new book, “Between a Rock and A Hot Place“. Since both of these ladies look fantabulous, I decided to check it out.

The Core Fusion DVD I tried is “Exhale: Core Fusion – Body Sculpt with Elisabeth Halfpapp and her husband Fred DeVito. I’ve been doing the program for about 2 weeks or so now, but since I’m not a professional reviewer – or exerciser for that matter – I thought I’d just put my experience out there for you healthy, fit baby boomer women to explore:

10 Reasons to Choose Core Fusion:

  1. Program Schedule: This DVD is 50 minutes plus a few extra components. This is separated into 5 perfect 10-minute segments. Not 10-minute areas that run into each other, but actual 10-minute, complete exercise sets.
  2. Music: Workout music is workout music, but I appreciate that this is simple and soothing. None of that tacky techno stuff, or the funky beat stuff.
  3. Chatter-free: Yes, I need direction, but I’m certainly able to follow visual cues. Gentle instruction for adult serious about fitness s is the key to success with this one.
  4. Upper Arm Exercises: Among all the exercise programs I’ve done over the years, the exercises for the upper arms in this program are the best I’ve ever done, bar none. I highly recommend this one!
  5. No boot camp bravado: no “hup, hup!” or hysterical over the top cheerleading. This is great because you don’t learn to hate the sound of their voices if they’re projecting phony enthusiasm.
  6. Specific target areas: These are low impact, intensely focused exercises. At first blush, they look too simple to be effective, but in this case looks are definitely deceiving. These exercises are all business.
  7. No constant up sell: they don’t need it, the program speaks for itself.
  8. No grandstanding: The exercises and this program, although created by Elisabeth Halfpapp and her husband, are not about them. They are low key, professional, and project the understanding that it really is about you, not them.
  9. Simple: I love that this requires few toys and little preparation. The only props needed depending on the exercise are a chair, a set of light weights, a towel or stretch belt or a towel. And…barefoot. Awesome.
  10. Effective: This is the ultimate test, of course. These exercises appear to be laid back, slow and easy, but the truth is that they work those target areas very, very deeply, without a lot of extraneous motion or physical distractions.

The absolute beauty of the 10-minute workouts for me was that I can do 1, 2, 3 or more of the 10-minute workouts depending upon my schedule, what area I want to work on, or my frame of mind at the time! I can split it up during the day, and I can even squeeze in one or two before work in the morning if I so choose.

When it comes to choosing an exercise program, women over 50 have differing needs. I’ve tried a number of great exercise programs…but I must admit my experience so far with “Exhale: Core Fusion – Body Sculpt ” has been one of the best I have ever had. (Now to try the next level…maybe Exhale: Core Fusion Collection)!

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