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One of the things about middle age is that you can pursue interests that you didn’t have time, money or energy for when the house was full of kids and jobs were paramount. I always loved to cook…and I was a fairly prolific baker when my kids were young, but today love to cook all kinds of foods!

Today I decided to try Chocolate Mousse…one of my favorite desserts when I eat out. I chose this recipe for Scharffen Berger Chocolate Mousse. (It calls for semi-sweet, I used the 70% bittersweet chocolate). I realized as I started that whipping this chocolate is a big part of the process. I worked it, but I already had the feeling it might need more finesse than I gave it…



Whipped cream is my favorite thing in the whole world! This recipe called for “softly whipped”.


Cooled it down, whipping all the while…..



Mix it all up, and…voila!


Only one thing left to do!

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