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Women Over 50, Snoring, and Sleep

by Andreas Henderson, MR

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Men snore—not women! Admit it: when you think of a snorer, you picture a large man with a beer belly and an irate wife.Get advice at!

That is the image that causes many women to feel insulted when their spouses tell them—gently—that they snore. The truth is, studies show that 30% of all women snore on a regular basis. Snoring results when air flow through breathing passages is hampered. It can be caused by obesity, the use of alcohol and sedatives before bed, and women’s life cycles.

Sleep-deprived women are irritable, more frequently depressed, and more susceptible to illness. The consequences can become even more severe: women who suffer from sleep deprivation tend to age more rapidly, and face an increased risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Lack of sleep can also lead to confusion and impaired judgment—which may be why women with sleep-deprivation are involved in accidents more often.

Some snoring ‘cures’ are relatively quick fixes; nasal strips and a change of sleeping positions are examples. Other cures—like tackling an alcohol problem or losing weight—require more commitment. But the stakes are high: women who take positive steps to eradicate snoring will improve their lives—and maybe even save them.

A few facts and tips about snoring:

  • When a woman is sleeping deeply, her throat muscles relax, and poor toning makes them vibrate as air rushes through the passageway. Overweight women have extra fat deposits around their neck and throat, which narrow the air passage.
  • The use of alcohol or tranquilizers also leads to snoring. Both substances relax the muscles of the throat, creating the conditions for impaired air flow that are typical of snoring.
  • Snoring can occur during specific stages of life. Pregnant women often snore because increased hormones swell their nasal passages. Post-menopausal women snore, too; the decrease of estrogen relaxes neck muscles and leads to noisy nights. Snoring in older women can lead to sleep apnea, putting the women at risk for cardiovascular disease.
  • Sleeping position can worsen snoring; when a woman lies on her back, her tongue constricts her airways. Quick fix: change your sleeping position! If you turn onto your back while asleep, tape a tennis ball to the back of your nightgown.
  • Snoring causes serious health problems. Cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure top the list; but few women realize how much they’re affected by the constant sleep deprivation that their snoring causes.

Andreas Henderson, MR, published author and medical researcher has spent many years supporting people finding the best snoring cures.

He published with one objective; to aid those who wish to stop their snoring.

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