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Finally! I had feared the entire winter would limp by without a single worthwhile snowstorm. I need not have feared…we’re getting a whopper today here in the Upstate New York. The forecast is for 18 to 24 inches of snow where I am located, along with some hardy winds and very cold temperatures that started early this morning and will continue into the night. Since I don’t ski, snowmobile, or do any outdoor winter sporting activities, it may seem strange that I yearn for an old-fashioned Nor’easter.

We were living on the coast of Maine in 1991 during The Perfect Storm, when mother nature gave a resounding display of beauty and her terrible temper lest we forget her strength. It was an unforgettable experience.

It may be strange that I don’t ski, or snowmobile or even ice skate anymore, yet I love nothing more than a ripping snowstorm that closes down everything and keeps me home. It must have something to do with the security of it… I’m always ready with candles, water, a cozy woodstove and a healthy respect for what mother nature is capable of dishing out where I live.

Stay safe out there!

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