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Bathing suits for older women

Tips For Finding the Right Bathing Suit!

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Perhaps one of the most difficult fashion related adjustments as we get older is in buying swimwear. For women over 50, the struggle with is to find what works and what doesn’t. Sure, we all want to think we’re built like we were when we were in out 20’s, 30’s or even 40’s, but we’re not. Period. If you are one of those extraordinarily fortunate individuals (aka Helen Mirren!) who seem to have stopped the clock when it comes to your body in a bathing suit, that’s pretty fantastic.

For the bulk of us, however, change is in the air – and has been for some time. With a bit of humor and a lot of honesty, writer Julia Sneden shares her experience in her article, “Utterly Unsuitable

“I think that modern bathing suits are a huge improvement over the suits we wore in the ‘50’s. My father sent me a ghastly picture of myself taken in 1956 as I was emerging from the swimming pool, encased in an aqua, shiny, suit made of some miracle fabric I can no longer name. The bra resembled twin mortar shells, and the unforgiving, girdle-like fit of that tough fabric made my flesh bulge along every edge.”

Even if you’re working out regularly and staying fit like so many 50+ women are doing so beautifully, our bodies are just not what they were 15 or 20 years ago.

9 Tips for buying a bathing suit if you’re over 50:

  1. Start with the fit. Too large and you look like you’ve been stuffed into a rucksack…too small and you just know that isn’t good! Comfort and style can go hand in hand. Don’t be afraid to buy a quality bathing suit – you’ll be glad you did.
  2. One piece or two? One piece bathing suits for women over 50 fit the bill and then some! Not only do they come in sophisticated styles, colors and fits, but they provide a classic and alluring look.
  3. Support: From top to bottom, great support is – well – huge! For most of us, a bathing suit with a built-in bra is essential. Look for cups, not just the little fabric liners. As far as leg openings, the ultra-high cut is probably not always the best choice.
  4. Now you see it: Bathing suits with ruche panels, wrap-around waistlines, belting, and busy tops combined with solid color bottoms are terrific partners for almost all figures.
  5. What you’re made of: A great bathing suit fabric can really make a good suit great. Lycra Spandex is your friend.
  6. Color: Like any other garmet, dark colors like black, brown or dark blue are slimming and flattering to most figures.
  7. Style: Prints are great and stylish, as are vertical patterns, but avoid horizontal stripes.
  8. The Back: Bathing suits with plunging backs are dramatic and can be lovely, but give yourself a good backwards oncc over in the mirror. As we age, our skin and muscles are more malleable, and everything is on display from the top down. Be mindful of “the squeeze factor”…you know what we’re talkin’ about.
  9. Finishing Touches: A cover up is a wonderfully essential piece of your summer wardrobe! Look for a sarong – short or long – to create a soft and elegant poolside or beachfront presence.

Here are several bathing suits we really like…from form to fabric to fit, they all are great choices for most post-50 figures:

Miraclesuit Tiki Sanibel One-Piece Black/WhiteMiraclesuit Tiki Sanibel One-Piece Black/WhiteCheck PricingMiraclesuit Women's Solids Marais One-Piece (DD-Cup) Black ColorMiraclesuit Women’s Solids Marais One-Piece (DD-Cup) Black ColorCheck PricingWomen Cotton Underwear 6 Lace Boy Shorts Panties Slip Shorts for WomensWomen Cotton Underwear 6 Lace Boy Shorts Panties Slip Shorts for WomensCheck PricingWomen Swimsuit One Piece Tummy Control Slimming Sexy Swimwear Bathing SuitWomen Swimsuit One Piece Tummy Control Slimming Sexy Swimwear Bathing SuitCheck PricingAngerella Vintage Halter Swimsuit Monokini One Piece SwimwearAngerella Vintage Halter Swimsuit Monokini One Piece SwimwearCheck PricingGottex One Piece Swimsuit Sunset Hues Mesh Overlay Bandeau Ruched MaillotGottex One Piece Swimsuit Sunset Hues Mesh Overlay Bandeau Ruched MaillotCheck PricingWalant Womens Solid Oversized Beach Cover UpWalant Womens Solid Oversized Beach Cover UpCheck Pricing

There are actually quite a lot of great choices in swimwear for women over 50…Land’s End, Liz Claiborne, Miraclesuit Oceanus and others.

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