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Every Woman’s Fashion Accessory Nightmare

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Few things in life are more frustrating than The Purse From Hell. You know the one – youThe Purse From Hell know the moment you see it it’s for you. It beckons to you from across the department store aisle. It looks perfect…right size, gorgeous color, just the right amount of handy pockets and the perfect strap length. Sweet!

You joyously pay whatever the asking price is, bring it home, transfer your wallet, pens, hairbrush, gum, cell phone, makeup and all your goodies, and start your day with a brand new outlook. Nothing like it! But as the weeks go by, something isn’t quite right. You’re in line at the store, and again you can’t find your keys. You look through all the gazillion pockets, struggling to keep the lining in place…you panic, start asking the store clerk if she’s seen them, retrace your steps through the store looking at every shelf to see if you put them down somewhere, then hear them jingling in the bottom of the purse as you are sprinting toward your car to check the parking lot. And this scenario occurs again, and again, and again…. Aaargh!

If you are an experienced fashonista, you may have already been through this fashion accessory nightmare before. You may be one of the unfortunate individuals who discover they’ve got one. A “Purse from Hell”.

These are the stuff legends are made of. You may reorganize, sort, and discard some contents. You may go to great lengths to mark the pockets so you know what is where – wallet in one, cosmetics in another, receipts in yet another, to no avail. Your personal items continue to disappear into the folds of this evil accessory.

Alas, there is only one solution: get rid of it. Completely. Don’t harbor thoughts of secreting it in your closet for another day “just in case”. If your recycling soul won’t let you throw it away, make a furtive trip to the Goodwill store and stuff it in the box. Just remember you are forwarding this fashion accessory nightmare to some other unsuspecting woman.

You can be more wary on your next purse excursion, although the purse from hell looks like every other normal purse out there. Be careful. Be very careful…

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