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Whether it’s not your first time around or you are a late bloomer, these tips for baby boomer brides offers some insight into how to make your wedding special and unique to you! Enjoy this guest post by Merdith Garzon….

As any industry professional can confirm, more and more baby boomers are preparing to exchange rings and say their vows – whether you are renewing your commitment to one another, are taking the plunge for the first time or are a seasoned Tips for brides over 50pro, your wedding should be treated like a romantic, wonderful day that is unlike any other. Below are tips on how to have your dream nuptials as you live the third quarter of your life.

  • When it comes to choosing a venue, forget expectations and follow your bliss. When thinking about scenery that makes you glow, perhaps you think of a quaint garden, your community church, an inspirational art gallery or a boat that drifts down a tranquil river. Find a locale that you have a personal connection with – perhaps you feel serene in your own backyard, or maybe you have always dreamed of flying to Venice and should consider a destination wedding for you and your loved ones. Similarly, listening to your own desires might result in a modest ceremony so you and your new husband will have more money to play with as the two of you explore the world on your honeymoon.
    • Incorporate your family and friends into the ceremony; if one or both of you have children, this is the uniting of two families and not just two people, so perhaps have your adult son walk you down the aisle and have your new sister-in-law read a brief poem during the ceremony. Some couples choose to not only pledge lifelong allegiance to their spouses, but also to vocalize pledges of continuous support and love to their step-children as they present them with a symbolic tokens.

  • No longer being in your rowdy twenties, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that weddings are about love, family and creating memories, and not about partying until late hours of the night while guests take full-advantage of the open bar. Therefore, why not have your wedding at an earlier time? Charming brunch and tea-time receptions are becoming increasingly popular and, as an added benefit, both the venue and catering will most likely be more affordable.
  • No longer naïve to the fact that our actions have no impact on the world around us, many mature brides are concerned with curtailing the amount of waste and making their wedding ecofriendly. If this is the case, there are plenty of simple steps that brides can take to limit their carbon footprint, including featuring the ingredients of local growers, cutting back on paper products and using decorations and centerpieces that feature minimal usage of cut-flowers. Because you have already done a pretty good job at establishing a life and household for yourself, consider asking guests to donate to a charity of your choice instead of signing up for a wedding registry.
  • Don’t fall for the outlandish myth that, as a mature bride, you should settle for a simpler wedding dress. You deserve to find an ensemble that makes you feel sophisticated, sexy and special – whether or not that is a pantsuit or a floor length gown is a personal call. Consider which of your body features you love and don’t be afraid to show it off or show a little skin. Trends show that many baby boomer brides opt for a sleek, structured look rather than trying to look like a Disney princess, and are entirely skipping the cumbersome long train. It is recommended that you shop specifically for your body-type and have it tailored to compliment you instead of a teenage model. To feel beautiful for the big day, consider having your “bachelorette party” at a lavish spa and treat yourself to an exfoliating mask that will remove dead skin and help you glow – when getting ready to walk down the aisle, pamper yourself with a quality moisturizer to feel extra silky and soft.

Remember to have fun! This is a celebration of two spirits joining as one, and you can honor this with smiles and laughter with those you hold dear instead of stern, ceremonial traditions. Perhaps a blue grass wedding band will make your feet dance and heart sing, or maybe a hanging “Congratulations” banner that was lovingly crayoned by your young children will bring a joyful tear to your eye. The point is, don’t include an activity or custom because you feel pressured to follow tradition rather than your heart.

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