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So I’m still on the Virgin Diet…amazing! Never have I been on a diet where a) I lost weight b) I didn’t go hungry, and c) feel totally energized…the benefits are just incredible.Virgin Diet tips for success

I have come across a few Virgin Diet tips for success that I thought I’d share. This diet really is about eating healthier, and there aren’t typical cooker-cutter meals, which is what I love. After you get into the rhythm of it, the food is easy to prepare and eat. (The shakes are not only yummy and filling, but serious time savers. Love it.

Just a few tips from my own experience:

  • The Magic Bullet really is perfect for work! Minimal mess, few parts, and the cool blender/cup is the perfect size. This thing blends better than the heavy duty one I have at home…highly recommend it.
  • Straws: For me, drinking the smoothie with a straw makes me feel fuller. Don’t ask me why, but it does. Maybe because it feels more like a treat that way.
  • I am a coffee drinker, and kinda missed my cream, so I thought I’d try a coconut milk creamer. BAD idea…I purchased the So Delicious Coconut Creamer, and whatever is in that stuff causes significant bloating and gas. For that matter, the regular coconut milk made by Silk sort of did the same thing. I’ve come to rely on the So Delicious.
  • Since I’m all about saving time, I prepare my shake mixes at home and take them to work – I put the protein powder and the chia seeds or ground flax seeds a baggie and take enough to work for the week. It’s kinda neat, you can mix up the flavors.

That’s it for my Virgin Diet tips…do you have tips to share? We’d love to hear ’em!

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