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It’s surprising how much emotion this phrase, ’50 is the new 40′, sometimes creates. Has it become a cliche? Perhaps. Is is inaccurate? Well,yes and no. When I met with Meredith Vieira and a few other 50-something gals on the Today Show recently, the theme was, “50 – Living it, Loving It’. The conclusion seemed to be that – surprise of surprises – being a 50-year old woman is kinda – awesome. A little bit scary, maybe, and the landscape is dotted with challenges, but overall rather wonderful.

For me, turning 50 was a big milestone. Ididn’t even realize how big until I got there! I wasn’t fearful of turning 50, it was just rather -well, a surprise! I didn’t have a party or a celebration – actually my best 50th birthday gift was the cake my boys made for me – a homemade chocolate sheet cake with 50 slash marks in frosting! Once I cleared that hurdle, it was like a weight lifted off me.

For me, the phrase ‘fifty is the new forty’ is simply a reminder of how much further we have come from, say, my mother’s time. My milestone 50th birthday meant some freedom – to travel if I like, to go back to school, to change jobs or start a business Not that I can do any of those things at the moment, but the possibilities are endless compared to what they used to be.

So, simply put…”50 it the new 40″ is just a phrase. That’s all. Maybe it describes you, maybe not. But in all honesty, I’m delighted that’s the case!

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