Lessons From The Royal Wedding

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I felt like a girl today as I watched thr royal wedding. Proud, and I’m not even British.

I started watching it before work and I was completely, totally enchanted with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s ease, and confidence that clearly comes from a deep love and trust that is just beginning to reveal itself.

All of us have had family ‘issues’. Divorces, disagreements, separations and gatherings, tragedy and joy, and not nearly on the scale that this family has. These two confident, radiant young people epitimize the hope of the future for their generation, one that is mired in world-wide poverty, crisis, war and uncertainty. There is something indefinable about a wedding like this. A joy and a breath of fresh air for all who become part of it, whether from near or far.

What I learned from the royal wedding is that there is so much hope for this generation! If we as parents ever doubt the fact that youth represents the best of us, offering hope and renewal, this was a fantastic example of what will be. These young people are a wonderful example for their generation.

As we work through life’s ups and downs, weather joys and sorrows, and move from day to day, with any luck our kids grow up to be loving adults, and perhaps become parents themselves. We hold our breath and pinch ourselves to make sure we aren’t dreaming when we become grandparents. And on it goes.

The Queen looked absolutely radiant. How wonderful for her…my guess is that she loves and cherishes those handsome young grandchildren of hers more than anything. Just like the rest of us. And what wonderful young men they are. I felt like I was watching a Disney princess movie only better. Not a stuffy event where pomp and circumstance trumped everything else, but one of those movies where the prince and princess find true love – based in reality. Happily ever after. At least for today.

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