So…just to prove how crazy I DID get as I neared 50….

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When my first grandchild came along, I was so excited and amazed, so happy for my beautiful daughter and her husband. A family. Then a second gorgeous girl, and I’m over the top excited and ready to be the ‘cool granny’!

But then…the thought started creeping in. Wow…I’m really a grandmother! Woohooo!!!! I’m really thrilled with that, but then…uh oh…what will they call me? Grandma? No…that sounds like an old-fashioned moniker, and I’m traditional, but trendy. (See? Nuts.) Noni? No…no tradition of that name in my family, and besides, it sounds kind of older. (See where I’m goin’ here? Crazy.) Granny? Unthinkable…my blonde highlights simply won’t allow for it. (Sigh…)

So, I decided to leave it up to them. And guess what? Grammy! And somehow, it’s perfect for me! Sort of old-fashioned meets tongue-in-cheek trendy…(omg.) So now, when my 8-year old and 6-year-old granddaughters call me, it’s “Hey, Grammy Pammy!” Ha! A designer Granny label!

The truth is, they can call me whatever the heck they want, as long as they call me! It’s ok, I think I’m sane now. And being a grammy is completely awesome!!

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